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Do you know what goes into your hygiene products? The chemicals, ingredients, and even how it's made? I seriously had no clue what was irritating my skin and making my eczema flare up. My skin was always dry and itchy. Red patches continued to appear on my legs and hands to the point that it hurt. Winter cold didn't make it any better. My skin would start to crack and bleed. The scabs would take forever to heal. I eventually started doing some research and found that the ingredients in many of the soaps, detergents, and even the water that you use and drink can affect your skin. Even your diet. I started using natural and organic products until a friend told me about Bend Soap Co. and their products. I had no idea how amazing they were until I saw their reviews. That's when I jumped on the opportunity and ordered a few soaps and a lip butter to try out.

About Bend Soap Co.

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Before I tell you about how much I love Bend Soap Co.'s products I want to first tell you a little bit about them. The company was founded by Dwight and Marilee and their beautiful nine children (get to know them here). Bend Soap Co. is a family owned company based out of a farm in Bend, Oregon. The company actually began after Dwight and Marilee struggled with their son's eczema condition. It kept worsening leading them to do massive amounts of research. They later learned that the products that they were using were causing their son's condition to get worse every day. With the research, they also learned about the benefits of goat's milk, not just for consumption, but for the skin.

They already had a few goats of their own that they used for personal drinking milk so they decided to try to make soap with it. At the time they were doing oatmeal baths to help ease his pain and wanted something more. Something that would be more beneficial for their son's skin. Their first batch was two soaps: one un-scented bar and one oatmeal and honey both with goat's milk.

After a few uses they not only saw positive results on their son's skin but also on Marilee's dry elbows, heels, and ankles. They even used it in place of shaving cream and shampoo and saw amazing changes in their hair and skin. This eventually lead to making more soaps and even milk baths for their son Chance. As they grew to love their products, the business bloomed and flourished as well. You can read more about their story here.

Essential Ingredients

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One thing that really made me fall in love with this brand and convinced me of using their product was their ingredients. Most bars of soaps contains anything from 15-20 chemicals. That's a lot of chemicals that your body struggles to filter out. Bend Soap Company made mom-approved and all natural, rigorously tested soaps with only four essential ingredients. Only four, organic, non-toxic, healthy, natural ingredients.

1. Goat's Milk

Bend Soap Company uses over 26% of farm fresh, raw goat's milk in every bar of soap. Their goats are treated with steroids, antibiotics, or toxic garbage of any sort. The milk used is 100% Food Grade. You can learn more about the individual benefits of goat milk here. I remember us having goats when I was little. We had 4 white goats and 2 brown ones. 3 babies and 3 moms. We had them for the same reason. To drink milk. It is much healthier for you than cow's milk and has more nutrients and a better pH balance for you. It was also much better in taste in my opinion.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is full of vitamin E and antioxidants. It also moisturizes, soothes, and fights the effects of aging which is why it's nature's "fountain of youth." I use organic coconut oil for my hair when styling and even use it for my skin during the winter months to prevent drying and cracked skin so I can definitely vouche for this one. I love coconut oil. Everything from cooking with it to even using it in my hair and skin.

3. Olive Oil

This is another ingredient that is filled with antioxidants and rich properties that leave your skin feeling silky smooth. I absolutely love Olive Oil. This is my main ingredient when marinating meats, cooking, and I have even used it as hair treatment when I needed to get my hair silky soft. Use a little bit though cause it is oil and can be hard to take off if you put too much in your hair. Bend Soap Company pairs Olive Oil with Palm Oil to harden the bar of soap and give it that solid feel. By doing so, it also allows your bar of soap to last much longer.

4. Palm Oil

Not only does this oil harden your bar of soap, it also has a number of important nourishing qualities for your skin such as vitamin E and it's high moisturizing properties.

Bend Soap Co.

Other Ingredients

Bend Soap Co. uses a wide variety of other ingredients on their other various products such as their essential oil soaps.

Essential Oils

Bend Soap uses essential oils that are 100% natural, 100% pure, undiluted, and often times steam-distilled to obtain the highest levels of purity. They use a wide variety of essential oils. You can view their full list of essential oils and other ingredients here.


Lye, is added to saponify the oils and the goat milk. Another name for Lye is Sodium Hydroxide. This is an essential and totally needed ingredient in the making of any real soap. Don't be scared though. Lye dissipates out and neutralizes during production with the oils and milk so there is nothing left in the soap.

To learn more about their ingredients and also the ingredients that you will never find in their products click here.

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Photo credit to Bend Soap Company.


Are you in love yet? Not yet? Well guess what!? They have more than just soap and milk baths. They also have lotions, lip butters, loofahs, scrubs, deodorant, and much more. Their deodorant is completely natural and organic as well. My favorite though besides the soap are their lip butters. I have two of them already and they are lasting me a long time. The best thing about these is that they are moisturizing, natural, and last a long time when you apply.

Personally, I use lip butters all the time. I used to use Chapstick to be honest. Worse thing ever to use. With Chapstick and other brands, I always found myself reapplying every 5 to 10 minutes and it got to the point that I think I was irritating my lips more than what I was moisturizing them. I made the switch to lip butters from Bend Soap Company and I will never turn back again. I have had one Mango lip butter for about 3 months now and it is still going strong. Plus they aren't pricey at all. For the ingredients and the quality, they are at the same price as most well-known brands that have toxic ingredients and well, they are better for you.

You can view all of their products here.

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