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Bend Soap Co.: New Christmas Seasonal Scents

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I am obsessed! If you’ve been around The Walking Mermaid for a while you probably already know how obsessed I really am with Bend Soap Co. but did you know that it’s their seasonal scents that really have me head over heels?! Yes! Every year around Christmas time, Bend Soap releases their seasonal scents and this year they launched a brand new one and it smells AMAZING!!!

I have been using Bend Soap Co. for over two years now. I bumped into them through a friend. She saw one of my posts talking about my eczema condition and she immediately recommended Bend Soap’s oatmeal soap to me. Best switch I have ever made in my life!

The first product I purchased from Bend Soap Co. is their Oatmeal soap and lip butter. I wanted to make sure I used a product that wouldn’t worsen my condition. I was tired of the blisters, dry skin, and constant itch on my hands. These natural and non-toxic soaps are amazing. They hydrate my skin and I don’t have to deal with the constant itching all night like I used to.

Stay tuned for a surprise coupon code at the end of this post. 😉

sugar scrub lip butter goat milk soap bend soap products by the bath tub

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Bend Soap Co. is a family owned company that makes natural and non-toxic soaps, lotions, lip butters, sugar scrubs and much more. The majority of their products have goat milk in it which is very beneficial for the health of your skin. I have gone over everything about the brand here if you would like to read more about the company and some of their other products.

sugar scrub lip butter goat milk soap bend soap products by the bath tub


Like for real! It is November 11th and it is already snowing outside in Tennessee. We don’t usually see snow here till after Thanksgiving. Hello there Artic Blast! Thanks for bringing all the Winter vibes early this year.

Despite the snow and the cold temperatures, the Christmas spirit is slowly sneaking into our home all thanks to the amazing seasonal scents from Bend Soap Co. Every time I walk into my bathroom I can smell the Peppermint soap and it just gives me all of the holiday feels.

Besides the Peppermint scent, this year they also released the new scent called Holly Berry. It smells berry delicious. See what I did there 😛

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Holly Berry products sugar scrub and lip butter


Okay, let me tell you about Holly Berry. This is definitely my new favorite scent. It has a sweet, soft berry smell that will put you in a happy mood. This scent is available as a Holly Berry Sugar Scrub and Holly Berry Lip Butter. With its rich tones of Cranberry and citrusy Grapefruit, how can it not be a new favorite?!

I used it the other night during my warm bath. After using the sugar scrub my skin felt so soft and smooth. I then finished off my relaxing 30 minutes away from my kids with some lip butter and a little bit of my favorite Sweet Orange lotion. It was such a great way to recharge after a long day of homeschooling my girls and doing work.

Holly Berry products sugar scrub and lip butter


The Peppermint scent is back! This signature Christmas scent is one that releases every year around October. It is the perfect mix of sweet, spicy, and refreshing. It just brings all of the Winter and Christmas vibes altogether.

I am currently using the Peppermint soap when I shower and I love it! The goat milk and natural ingredients leave my skin feeling refreshed, clean, and hydrated which is a must during the winter or when you have eczema. I love that I can change the scents and try new products from Bend Soap and none of them make my eczema flare up. I was nervous about trying the Peppermint soap but I am so glad I did because not only do I love the wintery smell but my skin loves it too. Its a win, win!

peppermint goat milk soap sugar scrub and lip butter

The sweet and spicy Peppermint Scent comes in various products. It is available as the Peppermint Goat Milk Soap which comes in both full size and travel size. It also comes in a Peppermint Sea Salt Scrub. I am in love with the salt scrub. Slightly different but leaves your skin feeling so good.

The Peppermint scent also comes in a Peppermint Lip Butter. I love all of their lip butters and have tried just about every flavor they have. It is also perfect for the Christmas season because it keeps your skin hydrated during the winter months.

bend soap sugar scrub goat milk soap lip butters christmas seasonal scents


These products make the perfect gift for the holidays. I always buy them for my mom and my mother in law and they love it. Their soaps in travel size and their lip butters also make the perfect stocking stuffers. Don’t forget to check out all of their holiday products here too.

Looking for a gift for men? The Mount Bachelor Pine Goat Milk Soap is the perfect gift for them. My husband has used this one before and he said that he really loved how it smells. It truly does smell amazing and I would even use it for myself. It comes in both travel size and full size so it can be a gift or a stocking stuffer. Make it a gift set with the Mount Bachelor Pine Milk Bath, the Woodsman Natural Deodorant, and a Peppermint Lip Butter.

Bend Soap Co.

Bend Soap Co. also has a wide variety of gift set options available as well. I always recommend to my family and friends to get either the Starter Gift Set or the Essential Gift Set.

Don’t forget to check out their new line of products for babies here too.

sugar scrub lip butter goat milk soap bend soap products by the bath tub


I hope that you have found your new favorite scent. Which one do you like want to try first? The Holly Berry or the Peppermint? I say try them both! They both smell so amazing.

As a gift to you, you can get 10% off your first order at Bend Soap Co. when you use coupon code TWM10 at check out. Shop here!

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