Inspiring families to travel outdoors and enjoy what our planet Earth has to offer. 

Inspiring families to travel outdoors and enjoy what our planet Earth has to offer. 

Beach Day Essentials For The Family

Going to the beach can be fun if you are properly prepared. I have decided to create a guide with all of my favorite items for a perfect beach day. This list will help you stay safe, avoid sunburns, and have a good time at the beach whether you are going by yourself, with kids, or even in a group setting.

beach day essentials for family packing list what to bring to the beach

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First I want to start with sunblock. It is very important to protect your skin from harsh sun rays that can cause sunburns. It is also very important to know which sunblocks to use to help protect not just your skin but your environment. Many sunblocks can damage our coral reefs and water quality by leaving toxic chemicals behind. Your skin is the largest organ you have so anything you put on it gets filtered through so avoiding these toxic chemicals can be greatly beneficial for you as well.

My favorite brand to use is Raw Elements. I have been using them for years since we lived in Hawaii. They have recently launched a zero waste baby and kids line as well which is perfect for my kids. There are some other brands as well that you can use listed below that are reef safe, non-toxic, and all natural.

** Use coupon code TWM10 for a 10% off your purchase at Raw Elements.**


sand cloud towels hydroflask beach hydration


Hydration is an essential part of being outdoors. Whether you are at the beach, hiking, camping, or just at home, staying hydrated is a must. Being at the beach swimming in salt water can make you very thirsty and under the hot summer sun it can even lead to dehydration if you don’t stay hydrated. I highly recommend taking your own water bottle, preferably one that is insulated to keep your water cold. Some of my favorite water bottles are.

When traveling in big groups, using a big jug of water can be very convenient as well. I usually take my Igloo 5 gallon water jug for the whole family. This way everyone can continue to refill their water bottles or reusable cups throughout the day.


If you have kids, you may want to escape the sun for a bit between swimming time. We usually used a canopy that we brought with us but you can also use a beach tent or even an umbrella. I have linked some of the ones I have used and recommend below.


I’m not sure about you but every time I go to the beach, after a few hours of swimming and playing with my kids, we all get very hungry. Having food and snacks to snack on throughout the day is a must for us. I usually just take a cooler with snacks such as fruits, chips, and for food I bring sandwiches. To avoid leaving trash behind I recommend using reusable sandwich bags such as these to keep your sandwich stored in your cooler.

Some good coolers that you can use for your outdoor fun are:

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Towels is a must. After swimming or rinsing off you want to dry off before getting back in the car. Having a good towel to stay dry or to lay on your seat in your car is good, especially if you have fabric seats in your vehicle. A towel that I like to use is Sand Cloud. The reason is because they are very cute, sand doesn’t stick to it, and best of all they donate a portion of their proceeds to marine life and conservation.


Another item that I recommend you have are sunglasses. You want to protect your eyes from the sun and it also helps with visibility during the brighter hours of the day. Amazon has a bunch of sustainable and ethical brand sunglasses here which are made of natural materials.


This is one thing you definitely can’t go to the beach without. I like to buy my swimsuits from Target as they have some sustainable brands. Believe it or not, Target brand clothes is also on the list of ethical brands. These include any brands that fall under their umbrella such as Xhilaration, Mossimo, and many more. Every brand that falls under their umbrella must meet the high ethical requirements that Target has set up. How amazing is that? You can grab some very cute swimsuits for women, men, and kids for all of your water adventures every summer.


I love having a blanket for the beach where everyone can sit on. Beats sitting on the hot sand. You can use a regular blanket or a beach blanket. Sand Cloud has some cute blankets which you can view here. You can also use a fitted sheet and place a bag or cooler on each side holding up the ends.

Another option would be to bring beach chairs. Amazon has some very convenient ones here that are easy to carry with you like a backpack.


You definitely need a bag to put it all in. I usually use either a beach bag that I got for free at Victoria’s Secret years ago or a backpack… or both. I love Patagonia and believe that this backpack would be perfect for everything. Hiking, beach days, overnight camping trips, etc.


As weird as this is to some, this is a must have for me. I always feel like my lips get so dry when I am at the beach. Having a good, all natural lip balm is a life saver. I like to use either my Raw Elements Pink Shimmer lip balm mixed with the Hemp Sage or just use my Bend Soap Company Mango Lip Butter.

**Use coupon code TWM10 on your first purchase with Bend Soap Co. for a 10% off. **


If you don’t have kids then you can disregard this one. But if you do have kids than definitely bring toys for them to play with. Bring a jar to collect seashells and sea glass in, some pails and shovels to play in the sand. Maybe even some bubbles, a ball, floaties, or even a frisbee. Anything to keep them entertained and happy.


A wagon is something that I use because I have a family. I dread having to carry everything to the beach by hand especially while trying to hold my child’s hand while walking across the parking lot. A wagon definitely helps bring some ease to this little journey. This however depends on how long you plan to stay and how much you bring with you to the beach. If we are doing an all day beach trip where we arrive early in the morning and don’t leave till 4 in the afternoon then yes but if it is a quick 2 or 3 hours beach trip then I leave my wagon behind. Either way it is good to have it. You can use it for many other trips. The wagons I use are collapsible so they are perfect for loading them up in your car as well. This is a huge plus for me.


Now this is optional. We don’t really ever change unless we plan to go out and eat at a pizza joint afterwards. It is a good option to have though especially with little ones. You never know when they will have an accident or get in to something that will completely dirty their clothes.


We never go to the beach without our GoPro camera. We love to take pictures and videos of our kids enjoying the beach and the GoPro Hero 7 is the perfect way to capture those moments.

Majority of the pictures here were taken with our GoPro. We recently upgraded to the new GoPro Hero 7 in which the quality is much better (you can view our seashell pictures here to compare the quality).

beach day essentials for family packing list what to bring to the beach


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Well I think those are my main must have essentials for any beach day. I am curious to know though, what are some items that you must take with you to the beach? Let me know in the comments below.

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