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We all know that Hawaii is known for the pineapples, it’s swells for surfing, the luaus, and for the amazing island vibes. With pineapples on the list this makes the Dole Plantation a spot that you must visit, plus you can’t leave Oahu without trying one of these delicious pineapple floats or their pineapple ice cream. It’s absolutely delicious. Me living here, sometimes I just go to eat the ice cream. Plus they have the world’s largest maze. I mean how can you not want to get lost in the world’s largest pineapple maze. Well here’s my guide on visiting the Dole Plantation.
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You will find the Dole Plantation in Wahiawa, Hawaii. If you drive on that road going from Wahiawa to Haleiwa you will see the fields of pineapples. Once you pull in to the Dole Plantation you will see the main building straight ahead. That’s the gift shop which is also surrounded by kiosks from local stores and local vendors. Towards the back of the gift shop you will find the ice cream and food shop. You MUST go here and grab you an ice cream before you leave. Towards the right of the building is the Pineapple Maze. The world’s largest maze. You would love doing this with your friends and family. It’s really fun. I always enjoy it each time I go to do it and somehow we always get lost but nothing that their little maps can’t do to help you find your way back out.
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What To Do At The Dole Plantation

There is so much to do at the Dole Plantation. Here is a list of our must have things to do every time we visit.

Try the pineapple ice cream.

This is by far my favorite thing to do at the Dole Plantation. Every time I visit I can’t leave without getting some pineapple ice cream. There were plenty of times that I went to the Dole Plantation just to eat the ice cream. Nothing else.

Do the world’s most largest maze.

Well of course there was nothing better than getting lost in a maze. It really doesn’t take a long time to do but it is definitely one of the things you should check off your list. If you have little ones that get tired quickly, I recommend to bring a carrier. I used my Ergo carrier to carry my little princess around in the parts that strollers weren’t allowed. Other then that when you purchase your tickets for the maze you will receive a map (pictured above) so you can better go around the maze. Please stay on the path. Getting off the path and cutting through the bushes and trampling on other vegetation damages and even kills these plants so please be careful.

Done Plantation in Wahiawa, Hawaii - delicious ice cream.

Visit the botanical garden.

Behind the gift shop there’s a botanical garden you can walk around in. This is perfect for taking pictures. So many flowers to see that are found all around the island of Oahu, along with various trees and sitting spots to just relax for a little bit and admire the garden’s beauty. There’s also a pretty pond there with a small waterfall and various lily pads floating around. If you love looking at flowers and everything in nature then you should take this tour.

Visit their gift shops.

Want some cute souvenirs. Don’t forget to check out their gift shop. They have tons of cute stuff there for you to choose from including food, snacks, and even pearls.

Take the train tour around the park and their plantation.

If you’re looking to learn more about the history of Wahiawa’s Dole Plantation and how pineapples came to be a part of the Hawaiian islands feel free to take the train tour. My daughter loves doing this one just for the train ride. The train tour will take you on a train around several parts of the Dole Plantation showing you the history and historic sites, machines, etc. of the plantation. They will also tell you how pineapples came to be a part of Hawaii and where they originated at. It’s a pretty neat and fun history lesson. It doesn’t hurt to learn new things while you’re vacationing. The train will take you around the park and even their pineapple fields giving you a more upclose and personal view of behind the scenes of the plantation.


How To Prepare For A Day At The Dole Plantation

When visiting the Dole Plantation make sure to bring a bag that will be easy to carry your belongings in. Also make sure to wear sunblock and if possible a hat. The maze is not shaded so you will get sunburned.

Also bring water. They also have water in the gift shop but if you don’t want to spend so much money on water bottles for everyone just bring some of your own. It also reduces the amount of plastic going back into our world. I like to bring my hydro-flask cause it keeps my water cold the whole day. Always watch your kids and make sure to take breaks in between each event to cool down. Hawaii can get hot especially when walking around outdoors.

Wear comfortable shoes cause you will be walking around a lot.

Don’t touch plants that you are unsure of. I haven’t seen any poisonous plants here but I have seen some with thorns.   The restrooms are located in the gift shop on both sides. Don’t destroy the plants or hurt them in any way.

Oh! And bring money to eat your pineapple ice cream.

Parking is free but can get full quick so it’s good to arrive early and spend the day here. If you have little kids you may like to bring a carrier.

I used my Ergo carrier to carry my little one around the maze and on the train. For all the other parts of the plantation I used a stroller.

Take your time and enjoy.


Must Haves:

  1. Water/Hydration – I love to use my Hydroflask cause it keeps my water nice and cold all day long.
  2. Baby Carrier and/or stroller for those with little ones.
  3. Sunblock – I always use Raw Elements which is an organic and all natural sunblock. Use code TWM10 for 10% off.
  4. Wallet
  5. Head Gear
  6. Comfortable shoes
  7. Comfortable clothes
  8. Camera – I use a Canon camera and a GoPro Hero 7

Dole Plantation Location

64-1550 Kamehameha Hwy

Wahiawa, HI 96786

(808) 621-8408

The Dole Plantation has several tour packages making it easy for you to get what you want. There’s no cost to go to the Dole Plantation but there is an admission cost to enter the maze, the botanical garden, and do the train tour. Now before you leave don’t forget to grab yourself a pineapple float or a pineapple ice cream. You will never see pineapple the same way again. It’s truly amazing.

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