55 Outdoor Blog Post Ideas

Outdoor Blog Post Ideas

It happens to the best of us. You sit down and plan your blogging schedule and just go blank. You think of what topics to write about and can’t think of anything for the life of you. Trust me, I know. I have my fair share of blank moments. After overloading on coffee, I begin to jot down ideas after ideas but always seem to get nowhere.

One day I had a moment of inspiration. I decided to make a list of blog post ideas that I can rely on when I have no other topics in mind to talk about. These outdoor blog post ideas have helped me not only stay consistent with my blog, they have also helped me bring good content to my readers. Topics that I know my readers will enjoy to read and learn about. Anything from sharing tips to gear reviews and even travel guides and much more.

55 Outdoor Blog Post Ideas

  1. A camping, hiking, backpacking… trip.
  2. Your hiking, camping, backpacking… bucketlist.
  3. A State Park or National Park.
  4. A packing list.
  5. Must have gear for… hiking, camping, backpacking, etc…
  6. Things you wouldn’t of thought of packing or should of packed.
  7. Gear reviews
  8. Tips for hiking, backpackingn camping, etc…
  9. A story from one of your trips. (Can be a funny story)
  10. Explaining Leave NO Trace.
  11. Caring for wildlife.
  12. Caring for nature.
  13. Best backpacking foods.
  14. Best camping foods or your go to menu.
  15. A good hot cocoa recipe.
  16. Your favorite way to eat s’mores (some people add peanut butter, fruits, dark chocolate, etc).
  17. How to blog about your adventures.
  18. A roadtrip or travel gudie.
  19. Roadtrip boredom busters.
  20. Winter outdoors.
  21. Summer outdoors.
  22. Staying safe outdoors.
  23. First Aid must haves.
  24. Trail food/snacks.
  25. Outdoor clothing/apparel.
  26. Coffee recipes for the great outdoors.
  27. Your blogging journey about the outdoors.
  28. Best places to visit in your state.
  29. Top places to visit in your country.
  30. Best places you have visited around the world.
  31. Top 10 Instagram pictures of the month, year, week…
  32. Top 10 blog posts you have published.
  33. Looking for tracks (or clues) when outdoors. (Deers, bears, etc…).
  34. Survival skills.
  35. Importance of hydration.
  36. Hiking, camping, kayaking with kids.
  37. Must haves when travelling with kids.
  38. Knowing your children’s hiking limits.
  39. Hidden gems (make sure to keep them hidden for others to find).
  40. Waterfalls you have visited.
  41. Historic landmarks.
  42. Podcasts to listen to when on the trail.
  43. Music playlists when on the trail.
  44. Photography tips or editing tips.
  45. Camera gear for certain adventures like hiking, in the rain, snow, etc.
  46. About your camera gear and why you use each piece.
  47. Taking pictures while being in the picture.
  48. Traveling on a budget.
  49. Outdoor memberships or subscription box reviews (ex: REI, Cairn).
  50. Eco-friendly travel tips.
  51. Camera settings for certain types of photography.
  52. Your favorite trail and why.
  53. Traveling in groups.
  54. Women on the trail (you can talk about stuff that only women go through on the trail that make your life easier).
  55. Solo adventure tips and advice.

Other Tips

So there are 55 blog post ideas to keep your outdoor blog running consistently thorughout the years to come. Many of these you can do multiple blog posts. For example, one for hiking, one for backpacking, another one for camping or even rock climbing, you name it. You can even divide these up into different locations, travel guides, etc. The possibilities are infinite.

Another way to make the most of your blog, you can do multiple blog posts for one trip. I usually do a weekend trip and can get several blog posts out of it for the next 2-3 weeks. For instance, you can do a blog post for each hike you did. One for places to eat in the city you were in, one for the campground or park you camped at, and another one as a full weekend travel guide to the location you visited including all of them put together and linking back to the other more detailed posts.

If you want more blogging tips check out my other posts here.

Do you have any blog post ideas that I may have missed? Feel free to comment it below. I would love to hear them.

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12 Replies to “55 Outdoor Blog Post Ideas”

  1. Great Idea! I made a content calendar for the first time this year and miraculously didn’t have this problem (until July at least). If I do, I’ll be sure to get back here and rejuvenate. How do you get Pinterest buttons at the bottom of your posts!?

    1. Thank you. I am still filling up my calendar. I try to do it monthly cause with kids well… life changes haha. And for the Pinterest buttons I got the WordPress Pinterest Plugin. I will have to check and see which plugin it was when I get on the computer and I’ll message you about it.

  2. What a comprehensive list! It can definitely be a struggle, I was doing fine when I had the time to go out every week, but now with moving and all that fun stuff it is just too time consuming. I’ve been trying to come up with “filler” posts, those that are shorter but still valuable and can fill the space between bigger adventure posts. It is hard to decide when so many topics have been covered already, but then again with so many blogs out there we can’t say for sure that what we’re writing has been seen already by all of the readers. Oh the joys of blogging… but I will definitely consider some of these topics, thank you so much!

    1. You’re welcome. I have learned to not worry about other bloggers and to write what my heart desires. At the end of it all it may be similar but it’s not YOU telling the story, tips, adventures, etc. Everyone has their uniqueness to their blog. 😉 Hope this list helps you out.

  3. Great and inspiring list, Jessica. I do keep lists of blogging ideas…usually the places I’ve been to recently that I loved and have photos of. I like the wish list idea in particular.

    1. Karen, I do the exact same thing. I ty to keep a list like this one for the days I need fill in topics but usually if I have been to a place or plan on going to a place I make a list of my own. I do topics like… what to pack for (place), foods to eat in (place), must see spots, things to do, you name it. Thank you for reading. 😊

  4. This is amazing, thank you so much. I have pinned for future reference and will definitely use for inspiration.

    1. I’m glad you found the list useful. Thanks for pinning. 😊

  5. Great list, I may have borrowed a few of them for later dates 🙂 and some definitely gave me inspiration for others.

    1. Awe yayy. I’m glad the list will help you out. Thanks for reading.

  6. This is a great list! I’m just getting my blog up and going so this is great advice for stuff to write about when I can’t get outside to get content to share! Thanks!

    1. Oh you’re welcome. I’m glad it’ll be a great help for you. Congrats on the new blog.

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