5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Beaches Clean and our marine life happy

I love going to the beach. I love walking through the sand and enjoying a nice walk or snorkeling and enjoying the marine life but one thing I can't stand is finding trash in our oceans or seeing an animal that has been injured or has died due to littering. I will be talking about 5 simple things that you can do to keep our beaches clean and help our marine life live a happier and longer life.
1. Always pick up your trash before leaving. Even if it's the smallest thing like a bottle cap or a straw, pick it up. Animals will think it is food and eat it and it can cause them to have serious problems in the long run. Properly dispose of all your trash. If the trashcan at the beaches are full just take it with you or find another trashcan. Leaving it next to the trashcan can attract animals to come and break into the bag and even bring them to eat the trash that's inside.
2. Cut your 6 packs and trash bags. You know all those little holes that are on the plastic that hold your beer or cans of soda? Well there's animals that get their poor necks or limbs stuck in them and they keep growing and growing with that stuck until serious injuries, infections, amputations or even death occurs so to prevent this just simply cut them all. You will be most likely saving a life.
3. Beach cleanup party! Plan a beach clean up party with your friends or join one of the groups in your community that help have beach clean up days. You can also adopt a beach to help keep it clean. 
4. Use biodegradable fishing supplies (and other materials) and safe clean fishing. I have seen several marine life dead floating out at sea or even stranded on the sand with fishing line wrapped around their neck or a fish hook on a part of their body that shouldn't be. Try use biodegradable supplies so if this occurs at least they have a fighting chance. Also clean up after you're done with your fishing day. I've found so many fishing lines and fishing hooks laying on the sand and out snorkeling. It's not safe for animals and for us. I love fishing though. You can never go wrong with a delicious Mahi Mahi for dinner. 
5. Don't feed the animals. Let the animals defend for themselves and hunt for their food. Eating bread or other human food can cause sickness to these animals and a dependence on human food. It can also cause them to have bad indigestion and other problems. I saw this video once of this diver who always took pieces of food down to feed the eels. Well one day one of the eels thought that his finger was food and ate it too. He ended up having surgery and having to get his toe put where his thumb was missing so he can still use his hands. Moral of the story. Don't feed the animals cause they can get greedy and they can unintentionally hurt you too. 

6. Break what you build. If you build a sand castle break it down before leaving as this can scare away turtles and other animals that come up to shore at night to rest. They don't know the difference and just take precaution and leave. 

I hope you have liked this blog post. If you know of any other ways to help keep our beaches clean and animal friendly feel free to comment below 🙂