20+ Fun Things To Do With Your Kids This Fall

Being a mom comes with loads of fun especially when you combine fun with all the different things you can do each season. Fall has just started here in the Tennessee and you can already feel the morning cool coming in. But that doesn't mean you have to bundle up and dream of summer all day. Grab your kids and stay busy with these 20+ fun things to do with them this fall season.

20 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids This Fall

1. Rake leaves into a big pile and jump in it.

I remember doing this when I was little. My brothers and I would rake all the leaves under our oak tree into one massive pile and then take turns jumping in to it. It was tons of fun and great childhood memories.

2. Rake leaves and make big pumpkin bags for decorations

I used to do this with Bella last time we had a Fall season experience a few years back. We would go rake the leaves and play in them. We would then rake them up and stuff them all in these orange pumpkin looking bags and use them as yard decoration. Bella used to have so much fun tossing them around the yard and jumping on them. You can purchase these bags here.

3. Carve a pumpkin

I haven't done this. Mainly cause I hate wasting the insides of a perfectly good pumpkin but I've found many great recipes like cookies and pumpkin pies. I am really looking forward to doing this this year. Fairly easy. All you need is a big trash bag to do the carving on, a bowl to put all of the insides of the pumpkin in, a good pumpkin carving kit (get one here), and a bright enough LED light (get one here).

4. Bake cookies.

I'm not sure about you but Fall and Christmas are like cookie and pie seasons in my house. You can find some delicious recipes on Pinterest or you can find some very easy to make packages at the stores. Here's a few of my favorite cookies: Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip, and Pumpkin Spice Cookies.

5. Bake a Pumpkin Pie Together

Ok I know for sure this is a MUST DO! I love pumpkin pie especially with some whipped cream on top. Literally! If you haven't tried it, you should! I usually follow the recipe that's on the back of these cans and voila. Pinterest again is another great place to go to for delicious recipes.

6. Do a haunted corn maze.

I remember doing these with my brothers and friends from school and church. We would go on these mazes and no matter how many times I told myself that someone was going to jump out of the bush, I always screamed like a little girl. Yes! I was the one that you will hear screaming and running like a crazy person in the maze. I was also only like 12 years old so don't judge me. You can ask your church or search for your local events and see if you can find a good and fun maze to go to. I loved it no matter how scared I got. I always went and did the same maze over and over again.

7. Go on a hay ride.

Usually where there is a corn maze there is a truck with hay to go on a hay ride on. This is always fun especially at night going through the "haunted" woods but they do these in the day time as well.

hay ride

8. Go puddle jumping.

Fall is known for hurricanes, storms, and lots of rain as well. This makes things perfect for our little ones to go puddle jumping. Don't forget to get a good puddle jumping suit and rain boots and warm clothes underneath to keep them feeters dry and our little ones nice and warm.

9. Build forts and tell scary stories.

Now this one is another childhood favorite of mine. My brother's, cousin, and I used to make forts with the couch cushions, pillows, and every blanket we can possibly find. We will set the inside up so we can sleep in it and tell ghost stories with our flashlights. My mom would make us hot cocoa, pumpkin pie, and somehow come out with more blankets and pillows. Sometimes they would join us for scary stories. My dad used to tell some scary stuff. Fun times.

10. Color fall themed sun catchers.

I feel like these are harder to find each year. I used to make these with my mom and brothers as well. We would buy the kits and paint them to then hang them on the windows in the living room and kitchen. It was pretty fun. My mom used to love having our beautiful artistic masterpieces hanging around the house. You can find these either in the Target dollar section or in some dollar stores. I bought my daughters some over the summer to hang upstairs over at Target.

11. Paint pumpkins.

So this is an alternative to carving the pumpkins. You can always paint them and still have fun. I haven't done this one yet but I've seen a few of my neighbors do it before and they look super cute.

12. Water painting fall related pictures.

I love water paint. They are cheap, easy to clean, and fun to color. Buy some paper, preferably thick card stock paper to avoid it from leaking through, and some water paint and get painting. You can use their masterpieces as wall decor by framing each page and hanging them around the house.

13. Camping trip with orange and yellow glow sticks.

Usually when I go camping I like to buy some glow sticks. One to better track my little ones in the dark and two, well cause they are fun! Choose some fall colored glow sticks such as these yellow and orange ones and  give them to your little ones to spread the fall joy. I like to stick a few around the tent and one hanging on the zipper of the tent door so it's easy to find the zipper pull in the dark.

14. Go Trick Or Treating

This is always fun. Here in Clarksville, Tennessee they have a few events for the kids for safe trick or treating downtown. The university also has a few events for the kids and even some malls, shops, etc. It is always fun to see all the kiddos dressed up in costumes and see the creativity some parents have.  I can't wait for Halloween this year. My daughter wants to be Wonder Woman. What do your kiddos want to be? Let me know in the comments.

15. Watch the stars or a meteor shower while sipping on some hot cocoa.

Growing up I used to be a little astronomer with my brother James. We used to go out at night for hours just gazing at the stars with our telescope. I used to know tons of constellations by heart and almost every crater on the surface of the moon that is always facing us. I grew to love the constellation Orion. Did you know that within that constellation there's a star that's 6 times bigger then our sun? How crazy is that?! And it's a little speck in the sky to us. How beautiful and amazing is our solar system and God's creation? I really like this telescope as a start up telescope. A good pair of binoculars can also be good but may be more expensive. You can also find some cool books like this one that has tons of information of our beautiful starry sky. This book is perfect for starters.

16. Go on a fun hike.

Going on a hike in the fall means perfect hiking weather. Not too cold and not too hot. It's a happy medium. May not be perfect to go for a swim at the gorge of a waterfall but definitely good to climb to the top of a mountain and admire the view of our world below. There's tons of fun hikes to do everywhere you go. State Parks are definitely a great place to go to.

17. Go to a pumpkin patch and take fun and silly pictures.

This sounds very fun. I have seen lots of people do this and their pictures came out absolutely adorable. This is one that I will definitely be doing this year so definitely follow us on Instagram to stay posted for these adorable pictures.

18. Make delicious cornbread together.

Being born and raised in Puerto Rico I never tried cornbread till we moved to Alabama. It was a huge culture shock but eventually we adapted to the big difference and grew to love some of the new things we were introduced too. One of those things was the amazing corn bread. OMG! Nice, delicious, sweet, warm corn bread with some butter. My mouth literally waters just thinking of it. My brothers and I used to sneak in to the kitchen at night just to eat some. And yes we always got caught. Most of the time with our face stuffed with corn bread. The minute we would hear my parent's door opening we would stuff our faces will sneaking around quickly trying to sneak back into our room. We never made it to our room either but we all just laughed at it. I'm sure my mom and dad would go grab a piece too after we went to bed.

19. Do a weekend road trip to somewhere fun.

Road trips are always fun... or chaotic. I'm not sure. I think a mix of tired of sitting, looking out the window, and playing games while eating delicious unhealthy snacks. Regardless of the road trip the destination was always the funnest part. We usually went either camping, hiking, or out to visit a new city near by for the weekend. We used to go to Chatanooga, Memphis, Atlanta and any other nearby areas that sounded like fun.

20. Make a bonfire and roast marshmallows and/or s'mores.

Fall is all about bonfires, camping, roasting marshmallows, pumpkins, s'mores, and hot cocoa. Oh and pumpkin pie!!! Can't forget that delicious pie. My all time favorite thing to do at night while outdoors is roasting marshmallows and drinking hot cocoa before heading to bed. So delicious and for some reason the warmness of it all helped me go to sleep fairly quickly. My daughters love to roast marshmallows and drink hot cocoa. I think it's their favorite thing to do as well after the sun has set. So grab your pie, hot cocoa, marshmallows and roasting sticks and go out and enjoy this fun filled Fall season with your little ones.

Is there any cool family traditions, favorite childhood memories, or fun things you guys do with your kids? Feel free to comment below. I would love to hear what other fun things there is to do. Happy Fall Season to everyone.

Updated October 5th, 2018

I have came up with a few more fun things to do. Here they are.

21. Go apple picking

Apple picking can be another fun thing to do with your little ones. I remember picking peaches when I was little and had so much fun grabbing all of the fruits. If you have a place to go apple picking at close to you than I highly recommend going.

22. Make an apple pie

This is another fun one. You and your little ones can make an apple pie from scratch. They will have so much fun making it especially if you use the apples that you just picked.

23. Go to a fall event near you.

During this time of year, communities come together and host various family events. Whether it's a festival, a market shop, or a halloween event near you, it is always good to aim to do one of them at least. Gives everyone the fun filled fall vibes.

24. Go to a farm

Farms are always fun. On October 2nd of every year it is World Farm Animals Day so you can definitely use this day to take your kiddos to a farm. They will learn the importance of farm animals in our communities, learn about each individual animal and best of all help support a local farm.

25. Do a fall photography tour

My little ones love taking pictures. Whether it's with my phone or my camera, they are always up for a photography tour and what better season to do it in? Fall has beautiful views of the changing leaves, the flowers, and even the wildlife. You can take a day to teach your child a little bit about taking photos and choose a few spots like a cute leaf, the woods, birds, deers, you name it.

26. Bird Watching

I know you can do bird watching every time of year but I feel that fall plays an important role. Many avian species migrate during this time to warmer locations while others get ready for winter in other ways. This can be a perfect opportunity to do a little bird watching and even take photos. You can even do a bird photography tour.

27. Do arts and crafts

There are so many fun arts and crafts you can do. If you don't believe search on Pinterest. Now that I am homeschooling, my little ones and I have done various projects. Friday is our artsy day. We like to call it Artsy Fridays! The Friday before my little ones and I sit and search on Pinterest for a new project to do the next week and get the materials over the weekend. Then on Friday we go ahead and do the project. It can be so much fun and it helps their little creative minds explore their own unique creativity. Plus it can also make for some really cute home decor.

28. Home decorations

Talking about cute home decor, you and your little ones can create unique home decors as well. You can make a cute vase and fill it up with flowers and small nuts and seeds to put on the table, create a wreath for your font door, or even make a cute table runner with their handprints. The opportunities are endless. Once again, Pinterest is my place to go.

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20 Fun things to do with your kids this fall.