10 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Visit Puerto Rico - Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

10 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Visit Puerto Rico

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Born and raised in Puerto Rico was truly a priviledge. Exploring the island and learning about the rich culture that it holds, taught me how to truly appreciate it. Along with appreciating it, I also grew to love it and care for it. Here a quick history of Puerto Rico and ten photos that will inspire you to visit this beautiful island in the Carribean.


Puerto Rico’s native population consisted of Taino Indians who inherited the island over 1,000 years before Christopher Columbus and the Spaniards arrived. Taino Indians called the island Borinquén and called themselves Boricuas. Till this day, Puerto Ricans call themselves Boricuas. You may see souveneirs or shirts saying, “Soy Boricua de pura sepa!”

In 1493, Christopher Columbus claimed the island for Spain. Once Spain took over the island’s name was changed to San Juan Bautista. San Juan is still the name of our capital today. The island was then named Puerto Rico meaning “rich port” in 1521.

In 1898, US Armed Forces took over the island during the Spanish-American War. In the early 1900’s, Puerto Rico was declared a US territory and all of the citizens on the island were given US citizenship. This also allowed for the US to draft males into the US military. My grandfather was one of those who was drafted into these early wars.

Till this day, Puerto Rico remains a US territory along with full US citizenship.

You can read more detailed history here.


puerto rico

Overlooking the colorful blue ocean from Faro de Rincon, Puerto Rico.

puerto rico

Walking through the streets in Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico. This is the capital of Puerto Rico and it is filled with rich culture and history.

puerto rico

El Puente Natural de Piedras in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. This natural bridge is an iconic landmark of the pueblo of Cabo Rojo. With it’s gorgeous turquoise blue waters and the beautiful view of the natural stone bridge, it captivates tourists everywhere.

Photo credit to my brother: Alexander Vera Soto

puerto rico

Overlooking the mountain regions of Puerto Rico. Bosque Gilarte in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. Photo credit to my dad: Eduardo Vera Morales

puerto rico

El Morro in Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico. Click here to read more about this beautiful and historical place. Castillo San Felipe del Morro is filled with wartime history. Some of the best sunset views can be found from here.

puerto rico

Playa Sardinas in Isabela, Puerto Rico. This beach is one that I grew up going to.

puerto rico

Gorgeous sunsets are found almost on a daily basis here on the island of Puerto Rico. This shot was taken on the northwest coast of the island. Don’t remember the exact location.

puerto rico

Borinquen Beach in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. This is one of my favorite beaches to go to. I never swim here though as the current can be unpredictable and there’s many rocks in the areas but it’s a great spot to just relax and enjoy the views. During the Spring time I have seen whales swimming at a distant.

puerto rico

Crashboat Beach, Aguadilla. This beautiful beach is located in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. I love coming here. Sadly after Hurrican Maria and Hurrican Irma in 2017, this beach is damaged. The docks don’t look the same and many of them were destroyed but it is still home to many sea creatures and makes perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and all around a good time.

puerto rico

Waterfall at Gozalandia at Moca, Puerto Rico. This spot was a fun one to go with my friends too. From the rope swing, to the beautiful waterfall, and the cool waters. It truly holds many good memories. It is also a great spot for a short hike and great views. Over the years, Gozalandia has grown to be more popular and visited.


These are just some of the many pictures showing the island’s beauty. Everything from the nightlife to the day adventures, Puerto Rico has tons of things to do. My favorite place to visit is Viejo San Juan. I am always amazed by the history, beauty, and life that is found within this romantic city.

Have you ever been to Puerto Rico? If so, what was your favorite place?

Pictures of Puerto Rico

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  1. Our family went to Puerto Rico a few years ago, and loved it! We stayed near Rincon on the northwestern part, specifically to enjoy the nice beaches there! I love all kinds of water sports and wanted to learn how to surf. So I took a lesson at Rincon Surf School (I think it was called) and had quite the thrill of standing up on a board, and riding it for about 2 seconds! Ha! Would love to go back again and tour the historic San Juan areas, and the rain forest, too. Nice post!

    1. Thank you so much Jenniffer. Yes Rincón is a town I used to go to a lot. So pretty there. The island does have a lot to offer. I hope you can make it back to explore more of it. Did you get to see the bioluminescent bays? There are three of them on the island and it’s by far my favorite thing to do. Swimming at night and seeing the water glowing when you move is surreal.

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