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10 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Anna Ruby Falls

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During our family camping trip at Vogel State Park we decided to take a day to go to Helen, Georgia. Before even going I had seen pictures of Anna Ruby Falls. I wanted to visit so badly but with everything that we had going on, I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t even going to be possible.

We headed to Helen, Georgia to play tourist. We visited shops, ate delicious fudge, and took about a million photos of the beautiful Bavarian town. The architecture is beautiful here. After our fun-filled day at Helen, Georgia we got split up in traffic as we headed out. I saw the sign for Unicoi State Park and immediately told my husband that that’s where Anna Ruby Falls is at. I really didn’t expect him to turn but he sure did surprise me.

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Off we went to check out Anna Ruby Falls. I wasn’t too sure what to expect besides waterfalls and a short hike. I had no idea that it was going to be absolutely beautiful the entire trail. Boy was I in for a big surprise. Here are 10 photos that I hope will inspire you to visit Anna Ruby Falls. All of these photos were taken from the trail and the deck overlooking the waterfalls. Enjoy!


anna ruby falls helen georgia unicoi state park
Anna Ruby Falls has two separate falls. This one if the one that can be seen on the far right.
anna ruby falls helen georgia unicoi state park
Both waterfalls roaring down. It was beautiful seeing how the water flowed through the rocks and made it’s way down the mountain.
anna ruby falls helen georgia unicoi state park
This is the waterfall to the far left side. The bigger waterfall.
anna ruby falls helen georgia unicoi state park
A distant view of Anna Ruby falls standing from the bridge upwards.
anna ruby falls helen georgia unicoi state park
Along the side of the trail flowed the stream of water from the waterfalls. It was beautiful to see all of this water rushing down pass us.
anna ruby falls helen georgia unicoi state park
Another shot of the stream flowing next to the trail.
anna ruby falls helen georgia unicoi state park
Overlooking the stream flowing by the bridge.
anna ruby falls georgia
More tiny waterfalls as the water makes its way down the mountain from the waterfall.
berries leatherleaf mahonia anna ruby falls helen georgia unicoi state park
Gorgeous group of Berries found on the Leatherleaf Mahonia bush close to the trailhead.
anna ruby falls helen georgia unicoi state park
Another shot of the stream roaring down the mountain. It’s so neat to see how the water just flows over and under all of these rocks.

These are some of my best photos of Anna Ruby Falls trail. You can read my full hiking guide here to help plan for your visit. Hope these photos inspire you to seek out this beautiful place. It may be a short hike but it is definitely worth visiting.

** All photos belong to Jessica Tejera from The Walking Mermaid *

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! This has to be the most beautiful hike and waterfalls we’ve seen yet. Definitely worth the short and a tad steep little hike!

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