Inspiring families to travel outdoors and enjoy what our planet Earth has to offer. 

Inspiring families to travel outdoors and enjoy what our planet Earth has to offer. 

Welcome to The Walking Mermaid

The Walking Mermaid is an outdoor family travel blog. It is focused on inspiring other families to disconnect from their daily lives and to reconnect through nature. My blog shares a variety of blog posts and guides to help your family get outdoors and plan your trips safely. I also share gear reviews to help you explore with the best gear and products out there that we personally tested, trust, and love.

Unlike most family travel blogs, I also like to share blogging tips to help other outdoor bloggers get their journey. I highly believe that when we work together we can accomplish many things. I hope that through my tips and resources other bloggers can inspire other families to travel outdoors too.

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Hi there, I'm Jessica!

I am the story teller behind The Walking Mermaid. I am a wife and mother to two beautiful girls. A coffee addict and wine lover. I also have a huge love for the mountains and the the ocean. Through my blog I hope to inspire families to spend more time outdoors. My goal is to create family friendly outdoor travel guides to share with you. This way you can safely explore outdoors with your own family and even visit the places I’ve been to.

I am currently based out of the state of Tennessee. I love to explore through the southeast of the United States. It has a lot to offer but so does our entire country. Our main goal as a family is to travel to all 50 states and even the world if the opportunity presents itself.

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Village of Hawai'i canoe pageant at The Polynesian Cultural Center.

Visiting The Polynesian Cultural Center: Oahu, Hawaii’s Top Tourist Attraction

The Polynesian Cultural Center is one of Oahu, Hawaii’s top tourist attraction as well as a family favorite. During the two years that we lived in Hawaii we visited the cultural center numerous times and were able to experience everything that it had to offer. From the Ali’i Luau to the epic Ha: Breath of Life show, this tourist attraction is perfect for anyone that is wanting to experience and learn more about the Polynesian culture.

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Ultimate Travel Guide To The Gulch in Nashville, Tennessee. Mural at The Gulch.

Ultimate Guide To The Gulch Neighborhood In Nashville, Tennessee

The beautiful country music city of Nashville has a lot to offer but The Gulch Neighborhood is by far our favorite. You can find all sorts of restaurants, stunning street art murals, and many things to do. In this travel guide to The Gulch I’m going to be sharing with you the best places to eat, best things to do, and best places to stay at along with a fun weekend itinerary. Make The Gulch Neighborhood your next fun weekend getaway.

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Little girl playing outside. Posted on Camping Safety Rules for Kids.

Camping Safety Rules For Kids To Follow

In this guide I will be sharing with you our camp safety rules. These rules are set in place to help keep our family safe and protected during our camping trips. Our goal is to help educate our kids on emergency situations as well as make them aware of their environment. With simple camping rules that your kids can follow, you can rest easy during your camping trip that safety will be key.

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woman getting clean water from a creek while hiking by using the msr gear trailshot water filter

The Ten Essentials For Hiking and Camping

One of my favorite ways to get outdoors is going on a hike or going on a camping trip with my family. However, when I started camping and hiking on my own I quickly learned what to bring to keep myself and my family safe. In this guide I want to go over THE TEN ESSENTIALS FOR HIKING AND CAMPING to help you stay safe and prepared outdoors as well. These essentials are key for survival and it is best to be prepared in case of an emergency. I will go over each of the items and share my best gear recommendations to use. I will also share tips on how to learn some key survival skills.

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