Why You Need To Own A Sand Cloud Towel!


If you have read my blog post about how much I love animals and why I chose to study to be a Veterinary Technician you will know how passionately feel about caring for our animals and marine life and why we should do our best to make a difference in the world. I love animals… Insects not so much like roaches and worms but everything else I’m good about. When I found out what Sand Cloud does to help support and protect our marine life, I knew I just had to be their ambassador. Not only do they spread good vibes to everyone but they also donate 10% to different organizations to help protect marine life, clean our oceans and beaches, and help keep a balanced ecosystem in our oceans. 
Sand Cloud Towels has partnered with three different organizations to help accomplish their mission. These three organizations are Surfrider Foundation, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, and San Diego Coast Keeper. You can find more information about their mission and why they support each one of these organizations on thislink

Sand Cloud Towels has recently launched a new collection of towels. Two of my favorite ones is the Tie Dye towel and the Luna Tie Dye Towel. These towels are all so soft and perfect to take to the beach. A normal beach towel will collect tons and tons of sand that no matter how much you shake it you will still have a trail of sand in your car and in your home. Well not with Sand Cloud. I shake it a little bit and put it in my bag and go and no sandy mess. It is awesome with kids or pets cause they already carry loads of sand as it is. #momproblems 😛 

Another thing I love about these towels is how soft they are and the many uses for them. I love how soft they are so I use them at home as blankets to watch TV or movies, on road-trips as a blanket as well, or even as tapestry in my home when I’m not using them. They bring out such great vibes that I just like to surround myself around them. 


The Tie Dye Towel from Sand Cloud Towels. Use coupon code TEJERA25 for a 25% off. Also check out these awesome hammocks from Rapid Hammocks. Use coupon code MERMAID to receive free S&H.
The main reason why I love to support this amazing brand is because they help the three non profit organizations that I previously mentioned. Not just that, they also plan and host beach cleanups along side with the different organizations and bring out a huge support system together to help raise awareness and funds to help the cause. Our oceans are being trashed and contaminated on a daily basis and we need to help support each other and other non profit organizations to raise awareness and maintain our oceans and beaches clean. A lot of marine life get injured and even die cause of the trash that we leave behind such as fishing hooks, nets, cigarette buds, cans, plastic, and other items. Even the sunblocks that we use can contaminate the waters. I didn’t learn this till recently. We should join together and help raise awareness. The smallest thing can make a huge difference and even save a life. Something small such as going to the beach to relax and just picking up the trash you find around you to even hosting a beach clean up at a beach with your friends and family. Any little act of kindness helps and goes a long ways. Feel free to read my other blog post on how to maintain your oceans clean. (click here

My daughter Isabelle monkeying around on the tree. 🙂
Start your collection now and help make a difference. Shop at Sand Cloud and use coupon code TEJERA25 to receive a 25% off your purchase. You can use this coupon code at any time and as many times as you would like. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to view more pictures and follow our adventures with our Sand Cloud collection. 

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