What Thanksgiving Is All About


First off I want to start out by saying Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. It’s a rainy day here but I got to spend it with those I love the most and I’m just happy that my husband made it back from his training last night, right on time for Thanksgiving. Life hasn’t really been easy these last few weeks but I have to take a moment, not just today but every day, to look at what matters most in my life and give thanks to God for everything He has given me and everyone He has put in my path to get to where I am today. 
I want to continue with what the true meaning of Thanksgiving is to me. It’s not a day to take out the shoppers and circle everything you plan on getting on Black Friday. It’s not a day to spend all day online shopping. It’s a day to spend with your family and friends. As a military family we have spent many Thanksgivings alone or with other military families and friends around us that we love dearly. We’ve made it to see my husband’s family for Thanksgiving I think once in the last 4 years and same with my side of the family. The military life and being away from those you love makes you appreciate them even more. Not knowing when you will see them again or where you will be stationed at next, if closer or farther away from them. It can be truly a challenge. So on this very thankful day I want to give thanks for my family, friends, and my huge support system that is always there, day or night, to help us out and listen when I need to vent. I have made some amazing friends throughout our military journey. Some in which I will always treasure forever. I have made tons of memories and visited various places that I never thought that in a million years I would ever see. I give thanks to God for giving me the courage, strength, wisdom, and knowledge to be where I am at today and may each day I continue to learn, grow stronger and wiser, and continue to inspire those around me. 

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! 

Feel free to comment below and share with us your Thanksgiving ideas and the things you are thankful for. I love to hear stories from other people. 

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  1. I’m a little behind in reading here but you summed the day up perfectly! Love you!

    1. Jessica Tejera says: Reply

      Awe thank you. 🙂 <3 you!

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