The Best Snorkels Ever Created – Tide Snorkels

Have you ever gone snorkeling and had so many issues with your snorkels. Water gets in them, the snorkels doesn’t want to unplug, or it just doesn’t fit your face right so you buy like three or four more until you find the perfect fit. Or even my main pet peeve, when your snorkels just fog up and you can’t find the right product to avoid this from happening. I never thought I would ever find the perfect mask until now. Tide snorkels fits my face perfectly, never fogs, and have the best suction ever. I had the opportunity to take my snorkels out for a test the other day and I had so much fun so let me tell you all about it.
Tide Snorkels allows me to snorkel and enjoy my snorkeling adventures to the fullest. Using their mask allows me to see everything around me. I don’t feel limited or restricted like the other snorkels that I’ve used. And on the plus side, I don’t have to put any snorkel in my mouth. The masks at Tide Snorkels goes around your whole face allowing a suction so no water comes in and you can breathe freely. The snorkel part of the mask is on the top of the mask and opens out to the entire mask allowing you to breathe without putting anything in your mouth. Yes, you are understanding that correctly. You can breathe through your nose underwater. How awesome is that.

​The second thing that I like about my new snorkels is that suction. At first it scared me cause I wasn’t expecting the suction and seal to be so good. When I went underwater and felt the mask seal I went up again and was so confused. I immediately took it off and started checking the mask for defects. Well no defect at all. It works amazing. I then used it again several more times and knew what was coming. No water in my eyes, no fogging on the lens, and no difficulty breathing. I loved it. So much fun and I can’t wait to go snorkeling again. I didn’t even want to leave that day. I just wanted to stay snorkeling around cause I was enjoying my snorkeling session that day to it’s fullest.


​After each use make sure to clean it out thoroughly by using water and giving it a good rinse. Go around the seal and make sure to get any sand, debris, or even dirt out of the edges. You wouldn’t want your seal to break. I always check the seal as well as the snorkel and make sure all is working properly and free of obstructions. The best way to clean it is using soap and fresh water or just fresh water and then letting your snorkels air dry on a towel in a room in your home. In my home it’s usually the laundry room or the garage.


​Each snorkel purchased comes with it’s own mesh bag, GoPro  accessories for the mount on the mask, and an extra snorkel seal.

​Get yours now and enjoy an awesome and unforgettable snorkeling trip. Use coupon code TWM10 for a 10% off your total purchase.

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