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Have you ever been on a beautiful hike and find this one spot that just catches your eye and you want to spend a good hour or so just admiring it? I’ve had a few moments like that. I just stare at the spot and think… I really wish I had a hammock to hang there to enjoy this moment and this gorgeous view but I never bring my hammock cause it’s one of those thick handmade hammocks that are heavy and a little bulky to carry and set up while hiking. Well all that has changed. I’ve found the hammock that will change all of my adventuring experiences forever. It’s called the Rapid Hammock
Let me tell you why I love love love my Rapid Hammock. Besides the fact that you don’t have to carry a bulky hammock on your hike or camping trips you are also using a hammock that is super easy and quick to hang up. Some have set it up in even 30 seconds. Yes! Check it out on their website. Each hammock comes in several colors. Of course I chose the beautiful aqua blue one pictured above. It also comes with the straps so you can easily set it up. Yes in that small little bag pictures above is the hammock big enough for two people and the straps to hang it up. Not just that but this hammock is very easy to care for. You can easily take it and wipe it down and it dries fairly quickly. 

Rapid Hammock also has several accessory options to add to your awesome hammock. Being in the woods means mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and other little flying bugs to drive you nuts when you’re trying to relax. Well Rapid Hammock has a net you can use to put over your hammock to avoid them little annoying bugs from bugging you.

They also have a pretty awesome shelter cover. Ever go camping or hiking on a weekend that’s “supposed” to be beautiful and turns out to be filled with random scattered rain. Well this shelter cover is awesome for those moments, or even for a good beach day when the sun is scorching down on you. Hammock and shade. Can’t beat a beach day without both. They also have a hydration system as well as an under cover for the hammock to prevent that morning dew from getting you wet. I know I always hated it when my old tent used to let the dew inside and soak my sleeping bag and pillow. 


My husband enjoying our Rapid Hammock.
Above is a picture of my hammock. How pretty is it? And men is it comfy. Ahhh I felt like if I was in heaven. Well in that picture it was my husband who I have to fight with to get on the hammock. haha But yes it’s very comfy and we love to take it out and about on our adventures. We can’t wait to keep adventuring with it. As you can see the straps for the hammock are already with the hammock. On the far end you can see the bag where you store it in and how the strap goes through it to keep the bag with the hammock. Best idea ever. I know if it wasn’t attached to the hammock like this I would loose the bag eventually. It is very easy to set up. Just take the strap, put it around the rock, tree, pole, whatever object you want , and then put the end of the strap through the metal loop where it will not slide out. This hammock holds a good amount of weight. My husband, daughter, and I have been on it all together and not once did it feel like it was going to break or fall. It is very sturdy and perfect for family or solo adventures. Whatever the case may be, don’t miss your chance to get your very own Rapid Hammock. They have tons of colors to choose from plus several hammock options available as well as accessories. Take advantage of this opportunity to get your very own hammock. Use coupon code MERMAID at check-out and receive Free S&H on your order. Use this code any time and on any of your orders. 

Get your very own Rapid Hammock now. Use coupon code MERMAID and get free S&H on all of your orders. Code is good for any time and any order.
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