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Metal Detectors. When I first saw the title for yesterday’s devotion I was a little confused. Like how can metal detectors even compare to anything in life. Well I was wrong. It has everything to do with my current life situation. There’s many people that go to the beach with metal detectors in hopes of finding rare treasure and unique pieces of value or full of history. I love beach combing and looking for rare pieces of sea glass or perfect pieces of seashells. It’s just a good thrill and such an amazement every time you pick up a piece that’s so unique and colorful. Pictured above are two seashells that I found and absolutely adore. They’re perfect. Not a single scratch and polished to perfection. There’s also a gorgeous aqua piece of sea glass that I turned into a gold dipped necklace. But these pieces of mermaid treasures don’t  compare to the gift of eternal life that Jesus has waiting for us. Here’s how metal detectors compare to my current life situation. 

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.    – Luke 12:34

Thursday we received the shocking news that we will be moving. I knew we would be moving this year but didn’t think it would of been so quickly. We will be in Florida before the end of the month. I only have a few weeks left on this beautiful island of Oahu before I have to go back to the mainland. Don’t get me wrong… Florida is beautiful but I’m an island girl at heart and Hawaii is the closest to “home” that I have felt in a long time so I was bummed out when I found out about relocating again. I was so bummed that I got a little cleaning crazy just to keep my mind busy. In today’s devotional it asks, “Are we intent on searching for His treasures as we work out our own salvation? Or are we passionate about searching for our own earthly rewards without giving thought to those that are eternal?” This made me think. I have been in Hawaii for about a year and a half now and I love it but I realized that this it’s not eternal. I can’t take Hawaii with me to heaven. I can take the memories I made here and cherish them forever though. My metal detector found me Hawaii and though I love Hawaii, my metal detector now found another treasure, Florida, and though both are precious gems I have to make the best of what is given to me and cherish it.

All these things are earthly materials, the seashells and pieces of sea glass that I’ve collected, the places I live. What matters most is what I make of everything that God gives to me. I decided to get on Pinterest and look for new places to explore in Florida to make myself a little more excited about the move. I found several hidden gems that I’m anxious now to go explore. New memories and a new chapter in my life with those who matter most, my family. I need to make the best of the treasures I find and always thank God and put Him first. Always work on my salvation and eternal life with Him as well as teaching my daughters to adapt and overcome each obstacle put in their path and always put everything in God’s hands. We are only human but we have the power to make the best of each of the circumstances put before us. As we all know, I love to adventure so knowing I don’t have my bucket-list fulfilled yet I’ve had to create a new one. I know that God has many wonders in this world. Treasures and hidden gems in every part of this universe. We just have to treasure our finds and thank God for the opportunities that He puts before us. I’m sure we all can relate to this, whether it’s a new job, new position at work, new friends, new schools. Each part of your life is a treasure, a hidden gem. We have to make the best of it, treasure it, and always put God first cause it’s not about the treasures we found on Earth but the memories we can take with us to our eternal life with Him. That’s the treasure that truly must be treasured and cherished. 

Jessica Tejera

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    1. Oh that’s good to know. Thank you for your comment 🙂

  2. metal detector direct says: Reply

    Pictured above are two seashells that I found and absolutely adore.

  3. Taschen für Sucher says: Reply

    They’re perfect. Not a single scratch and polished to perfection. There’s also a gorgeous aqua piece of sea glass that I turned into a gold dipped necklace.

    1. Jessica Tejera says: Reply

      I love gold dipped jewelry. I make them as well and I think they’re so pretty.

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