Daily Devotional Inspiration – Final Rinse


Today’s devotional speaks about a final rinse. We all know how us women can be when it comes to rinsing off at the showers before getting sand all inside the car. I know I make both my girls and my husband rinse off and I make sure they do. The last thing I want is to clean sand. It gets everywhere but no matter how hard I clean and make sure no sand makes it’s way to the car or the house, it still happens. Well God is like our final rinse. Here’s how…

You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you.    
​                                                                                                                                     – John 15:3

​God doesn’t care if you wash away your sins when you get to Him. He doesn’t care if you’re clean or not. He is our beach shower (metaphorically speaking of course). He is the one that washes all of our sins away and helps cleanse us of all evil and wrong. He will always be there watching over us as long as you give your life to Him and even if you walk away and return again later, He will wash your sins away, over and over again. How awesome is that? He is forgiving and open minded. He is understanding and willing to give us, not just a second chance, but a third, a fourth, countless chances. I’m not a saint. I don’t think any of us is and we aren’t any better then God either. We need to live a life just like His. Be forgiving and understanding. Not everyone is perfect and we all make mistakes, struggle with addictions, fall into temptations, etc. It is up to us to make the right decision. Forgive and move forward or hold a grudge and never look back. The choice is ours. As Christians we should always try to live like Him. I’m not saying let people walk all over you but at least forgive and forget. It will be hard depending on what the issue is. It may take a few days or months, maybe even years to gain that trust back or be able to forget the pain that person caused you but we shouldn’t hold a grudge. Let God take over our lives and help us through any struggles we may have. Forgive and let go. Let Him cleanse our lives from everything wrong that we may have done.  Let Him be the one in control of our lives. 

Jessica Tejera

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