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Driftwood. I absolutely love driftwood and it’s one of the many beach treasures that I collect when beach combing. I love making sea glass mobiles with them out of organic materials to decorate my home as well as others (click here to get your own). After today I will never see driftwood the same. I will see it as a learning journey in my life. Driftwood is pieces of wood that are thrown by men or nature out to the sea and they are tumbled to a smooth finish such as the one pictured above. Other pieces never make it back to shore and disintegrate out in the ocean. Let’s take a closer look at our day in this devotion. 
Sometimes we are like driftwood. We get wrapped up with our lives and the new things coming into it that we end up drifting away from God. Some of us drift till we are disintegrated while others smooth and polish while we drift with hope to get back to shore and reunite with God. These are all choices that we make, sometimes without realizing it. We get so wrapped up with our busy daily lives that we forget to make time for Him. I know have fallen into this drift plenty of times. Sometimes it could be something that pushes you away such as bullying, or maybe it’s a new demanding job, whatever the case may be it’s never to late to polish up and drift back to Him. 

Some of the wise will stumble, so that they may be refined, purified and made spotless until the time of the end, for it will still come at the appointed time. 
                                                                                                                        – Daniel 11:35         

Here’s a little personal story of mines. I’m not going to mention any names or locations to avoid any future conflicts and for safety. Growing up I never had many girl-friends. Most of my friends were guys. I was always the “tomboy” as they called it. The one who liked to get dirty in the mud, hike, adventure, play sports, and just be out there like “the guys.” At least that’s how it was in the church school I was attending. You know how some schools (not the school itself but the kids) have cliques were the girls are preppy and always having sleepovers and what not. I loved a fun sleepover don’t get me wrong but for some reason I always got along with the guys better. During game nights I would be the one playing basketball with the guys while the other girls will be on the sideline checking them out. Well being ME turned into false rumors. People spreading rumors about me at church and at the school saying that the reason the guys liked to hangout with me was cause I was “easy.” I let them do sexual things with me. I was bullied and the girls even had a horrible song that they sang every time they saw me putting me down and making fun of me. I grew to drift away from the church and got angry with God some cause I just couldn’t understand why at a church, where people are supposed to be supportive and kind, people can be so mean to someone. It got to the point where mother’s would tell their kids that they didn’t want them around me. That I was a bad influence. I still tried my best to prove them wrong. I did community service, was a leader of the YES Corps (a group to help the community and those in need and also a way to spread the word of God), I was always trying to prove myself to everyone but the rumors never left. It got to the point that went to public school instead, got late to church to avoid seeing the girls causing problems, and eventually just completely drifted away. I decided to never go to church there again. That I was tired of all the lies and the hate. I thought that all churches were the same. About a year later I moved in with my grandmother and grandfather and started to go to church with them instead. I saw that every church was different and every church had their problems. I just learned to avoid them and move on. I grew to be careful who I hung out with. I started to drift back to Him once again and let the bad drift away from me instead of with me. Sometimes you just need a little push like my grandma gave me to go back to church. A little eye opener to polish up my mind and clear all of the anger and drift back to Him. 

I have drifted from God several times again and once again I’m slowly drifting back to Him. I’m sure it all happens to the best of us without us even realizing it but we all have a choice to drift back to shore. You can never drift too far. Even if it feels like you can’t see the shore, God can see you and He can help you drift back to Him. He can change the currents in your life and help guide you back to where you should be, with Him, in His arms. 

Jessica Tejera

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