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I have recently hit a point in my life where I have realized that nothing will get better without putting everything in your life in God’s hands. I have struggled with this fight for a very long time and it’s been a roller coaster ride for me as well as my family but after the last few months of constant tears, sadness, struggles… I have decided that it’s time to change. I’m not a saint or perfect in any ways. I still sin on a daily basis but I know that if I keep taking one step at a time I will get to where I want to be spiritually with the help of my family, myself, and most of all God. 
This Easter weekend I received a package from my dad and stepmom with gifts for all of us. One of the gifts that I received was a devotional titled, “Devotions for the Beach, and days you wish you were there.” How perfect is this. As we all know I am a walking mermaid after all, right? This is such an awesome and fun book. I read the first one and I can’t wait to read the second one, and the third, and the fourth… Each day it’s something different. Today was, “Breakfast On The Beach.” This was perfect to read especially after this long and beautiful Easter weekend. 

Jesus said to them, “Come and eat breakfast.” Yet none of the disciples dared ask Him, “Who are You?” – knowing that it was the Lord.  
​                                                                                                                                 John 21:12

In today’s devotion it talks about His resurrection and several of the appearances He made with the disciples. One that goes perfect with everything that is going in my life, and that is mentioned in today’s devotional is the story where He was fishing with the disciples. The disciples didn’t know it was Him. They kept on fishing on one side of the boat and nothing would happen. Jesus then told them to try throwing the net on the other side of the boat. Most people would be like, “Really? Cause it’s going to make such a different right?” I know that probably would of been my sarcastic response but hey it’s worth a shot right? Well the disciples decided to give it a shot. They had more fishes then what they could handle. That’s when they realized that it was Jesus on board the boat with them. Jesus then said “Come and eat breakfast.” How awesome is that? Eating breakfast with Jesus?! It just makes me so excited to even think about it. 

Well let’s go in deeper as to why this story is perfect for what is going on in my life at the moment. I’m sure this may apply to many of us. Sometimes we struggle and keep trying over and over again to accomplish something and once we are tired of trying to get what we need or want to accomplish we finally turn to Jesus as a last resort. Sadly I feel like many things in my life have hit rock bottom before I finally realized that I need Jesus in my life. That I need to give everything to Him. All of my problems, my family, my marriage, my finances, my job, my blog, my shop, my health, you name it. Everything!!! Give it to Jesus. He will take care of you and provide blessings. More blessings that you can even handle, only if you give your life to Him. 

Like I said, I’m no saint. Far from it! But I know that with prayer, reading the Bible and this amazing devotional, and giving my life to Him I will be a much better person and everything in life will start to fall into place just like the plan He has for me and my family. Don’t let life hit a breaking point. Turn to Him and give everything to Him. Ok ok I feel like I’m preaching now. I guess I’m just very inspired by this devotional and very excited about the changes coming into my life. 

Feel free to comment below on how Jesus has inspired you and changed your life. I love to hear from everyone and talk. Feel free to follow me on my adventures out in nature and more devotional inspiration to come. Don’t forget to share with your friends. 😉 

​Jessica Tejera


Devotions for the Beach is published by Thomas Nelson. 
Quick story: During breakfast today my oldest daughter Bella reminded me that we needed to pray. She also asked if she could be the one to pray. Of course I let her pray. We all held hands and prayed. My little one is the cutest one praying. She gets so ahead of herself and gets excited every time we say Amen. It just came to show me that Jesus is working in miraculous ways not just in my life but in my family as well. 

Disclaimer: This post is in no way affiliated or compensated. All opinions and experiences are my own. I have decided to use my new devotional, “Devotions for the Beach” as a daily inspirational part of my blog. I will not publish pages of this book. All copyrights are being honored and reserved.  

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