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Sea oats. It’s one of the many beautiful things you see at the beach. I didn’t really know what the true job of sea oats was till I read today’s devotional. Sea oats help keep the sand in place with it’s roots during storms and high tides. How cool is that?! Well today’s devotional talks about how God is like sea oats. How He is always there for us to ground us and hold on to us during the storm. Sometimes life feels like it will only get worse but if you just give everything to Him, He will hold you through the storm and ground you till the sun (better days) come to shine. 
Recently my family and I decided it was time to start a new chapter in our lives and decided to leave the military life. Never did I think the process was going to be so quick. For a minute we were stressed. No job, no steady income, bills were still coming but somehow every time I prayed it felt like a burden was lifted off my shoulders. A burden of stress that He carried for me. I prayed for a blessing and for the sunnier days to come and they did. They came much faster then expected. Three days after arriving to Florida I got called for several interviews and even landed a job. Not just any job but a job in what I love to do. Not just that, I got offered a full time job with benefits, healthcare, retirement plan, and even a discounted tuition with Penn Foster. I got hired at Banfield Animal Hospital and I’m super excited to start this Wednesday. I just thank God that though in my crazy, human, and anxiety filled mind I thought this move was going to leave us broke and jobless for months, God helped us through it all and even blessed us above and beyond. 

A few days after arriving to Florida to my parent-in-laws home we got some more amazing news. My in laws decided to give us the lot next to them. Like just give us the lot. A little less then an acre of land out here next to family with a great opportunity for us to build our dream home and customize it to the way it fits best for our growing family. I couldn’t be happier. God has blessed me with such an amazing family. 

Though it may seem like your life is falling apart and things are getting worse, just remember that God is there for you. Give Him all of your burdens and worries and He will love you and bless you with so much more then what you even thought possible. It may take weeks, months or just a few days but never give up. He is your sea oat and just like sea oat holds the sand in place during the storms, so does God hold His people in this world during times of trial. 

Jessica Tejera

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PS: Sorry I’ve been a little behind on my devotional posts. The move has put us a little behind but hoping to be catching up real soon. Thanks for your patience. 
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