Christmas Away From Family


It’s Christmas Eve and a part of me is happy, the other part is sad. A day like this I would be with family having dinner, making cookies, laughing, and just catching up with those I don’t get to see every day and love so dearly. As an Army wife I’ve had to spend several holidays away from my family but have learned to cope with it and make the best of things. I may not be in a big family reunion with the rest of my family and I’m most likely avoiding Facebook just to not see all the pictures of what I’m missing out on but what matters most is the love and support I get from them. Being able to get a call or even video chat with them makes the pain a little easier to handle. 
It’s hard to be in a good Christmas spirit when holidays are spent away from family events such as these. In all honesty, these may be the two longest weeks of the whole year for us but my husband and I try to make the best of it. We try to spend time with the few military friends that we have that are also going through the same thing cause we know that we are not alone and as a military family, our military friends are the closest thing we have to family when ours is half a world away. When your husband deploys, no one will understand you better then those that are going through it or have gone through it as well. I’m lucky to have my husband home along with both of my pretty girls here in Hawaii to spend Christmas with, while others are deployed on missions or without communication with their loved ones but we always have each others back. I’ve been invited by friends in times like these for dinners and get together’s just so I won’t have to spend them alone as well I have had my own get together’s and invited those military families who’s husband is deployed or they couldn’t make it to their family back home for the holidays. We help hold each other together and keep the Christmas spirit going.

Today I will be spending Christmas Eve with an amazing couple who have been their for us since the day we met. They always watch my girls when I have an appointment and we hang out and talk all the time. When my husband was gone on training a while back they invited me over for dinner and to watch the boxing fight with them. They made sure I was taken care of as well as my daughters while he was gone. I would do the same with her when it’s her husband’s turn to leave. My neighbor also invited me for Thanksgiving so I wouldn’t spend it alone. Her husband even helped me out with the weed eater when it didn’t want to work for me… mainly cause I didn’t even know how to work it either so he showed me how. That’s what’s good about military families. Yes there’s a lot of drama on social media between military wives (I stay out of that mess) but you just have to pick and choose the right friends for you and when things are rough, pull yourselves together and help each other to keep on going. 

This is our way of coping with the long distance holidays. Sticking together with our military family when we can’t make it home for the holidays. Cause no one should spend Christmas Eve by themselves so don’t hesitate to knock on your neighbors door or invite a few extra people cause THE MORE THE MERRIER!!! Merry Christmas! (Mele Kalikimaka in Hawaiian). 

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  1. Beautifully written and from the heart

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