Alum Hollow Trail, Huntsville, Alabama

alum hollow huntsville alabama

alum hollow huntsville alabama
After having lived in Huntsville for almost 10 years, I never knew of any flowing waterfalls. Monte Sano had one small one that looked alright after heavy rain but nothing free flowing all year round. I made it a mission this summer to seek out a waterfall. I just knew that with all of the mountains, rivers, creeks, and streams, there had to be something, even if it was a small waterfall. Off I went with my family to Alum Hollow Trail to seek out what I found to be a small Nature Preserve with a not so well known waterfall hike.

alum hollow huntsville alabama


Alum Hollow Trail is named after the Alum Caves found on this trail. The name Alum is the name of the quickly diminishing stone found in these caves. On the trail we knew we were going to see three small waterfalls along with 3 caves. It was a pretty good hike. Some actual hiking up and down the mountain but overall easy. Bella did this hike like a champ. I carried Isa on my Ergo though just cause I know she’s one of my slower walkers unlike Bella. Gave her a peach and she was good to go. 

Alum Hollow Trail is part of the Land Trust of North Alabama. The Land Trust also has several other locations with several miles of hiking trail for you to explore as well.


As we started our 1.23 mile hike to the caves and the waterfall we were brought into the beautiful woods and views of Green Mountain located in Southeast of Huntsville, Alabama. We didn’t get a good overlook but peeking in between the trees was the beautiful city of Huntsville down below.

alum hollow huntsville alabama alum hollow huntsville alabama
We continued our trails through a bridge, some creek crossings, and towards the waterfall were met with a steep downhill. It’s not too rough but it can be very slippery when wet so I recommend wearing good slip resistant shoes or hiking boots. Like I was carrying one of my daughters I had my dad hike down next to me just in case I needed extra support. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help. The last thing you want is to get yourself or someone else hurt (like my little one).

After going down the hill we saw the waterfall. I was so excited. I couldn’t believe that after growing up here I had never found a waterfall until now. It was small but it was beautiful. It had like three tiny waterfalls in one.

After taking pictures we decided to head over to the caves which was right around the corner. The rock formations here are beautiful. It’s an amazing feeling when you look up to the beauty that God has created for us. Right underneath these rock formations are the caves. It’s not huge caves like to go caving in but they are still a neat view to look at. These caves are consisted of Alum stone, hence the name of the trail.

alum hollow huntsville alabama alum hollow huntsville alabama

Quick Fact:

My mom uses an all natural deodorant that has this Alum stone in it. Her deodorant is broken down to a crystalized stoned form. The way to use it is that you wet the stone and apply to your underarms. You can get yours here.


As we headed out, the sun was starting to peak over the west. I loved seeing the sun rays shinning between the trees. We continued to climb up the mountain back to the parking lot capturing pictures along the way. All together, this trail was fairly easy, very pretty, and had some beautiful natural gems.

alum hollow huntsville alabama


The Land Trust of North Alabama at Green Mountain consists of various trails. We only did the Alum Hollow Trail but hope to go back to do the other trails. According to their map (found here) there is another waterfall on Ranger Trail. I can’t wait to go check out this gem. Here are a few details about Alum Hollow Trail.

  • Round trip: 2.56 miles
  • Elevation:
  • Level: Easy
  • Natural Finds: Waterfall & Alum Caves

alum hollow huntsville alabama


I brought a few items on this trip for both my little ones and myself.

alum hollow huntsville alabama alum hollow huntsville alabama alum hollow huntsville alabama


I am not the biggest on giving locations for hidden gems but this place, though it’s not popular, technically it’s not hidden. You can find some information about this place here.

13800 South Shawdee Road, Huntsville, AL 35803

Directions: Take Carl T Jones Dr SE to Bailey Cove Rd SE. Turn left onto Green Mountain Rd SE which becomes S Shawdee Rd SE. You will see the Land Trust sign on the right after the black fence about two miles down the road.


Please keep in mind that this post is to only serve you as a guide and nothing more. Your hiking level of experience may differ from mine. Please keep don’t proceed to do any hikes if you don’t have the experience or physical ability to do them. Trust your gut. If you feel that you can’t do it, turn around. Play it safe. You can not hold The Walking Mermaid responsible for this guide. If you proceed to do this hike it is up to your own discretion. There are affiliate links posted on this post to better guide you on gear and equipment. I will receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. This compensation goes towards website maintenance and other blogging related expenses. Thank you in advanced for using my links and reading my post.


alum hollow

alum hollow

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