5 things I love about my pocket towel from sand cloud!!!


What can I tell you?! Sand Cloud has some of the best Turkish towels I’ve had the pleasure of owning and I absolutely love all of their colors. I recently bought the Peach Pocket Towel and let me tell you that I absolutely love it and here is why… 

Disclosure: I am an ambassador of Sand Cloud and I receive points for sharing my love for Sand Cloud Apparel. All opinions are my own. 

I love the fact that purchasing this towel meant I was helping in a donation to preserve our marine life. Sand Cloud donates 10% of their net profits to foundations such as Oceana, Coast Keepers, and Surfrider. As much as I love the ocean and all the life the lives in it’s depths I believe that supporting and maintaining our oceans clean is a huge part of a journey to a better world. 

Besides helping our marine life, I love the color and all the other colors that they have. It was a hard decision when purchasing my first towel. Just laying on it brings a good vibe and sense of peace. I love it. I love vibrant beachy colors. 

I love that cute little pocket on the top corner. I never knew how awesome it was to have a little pocket in your towel till I used it. I didn’t find myself wandering where to put my keys without loosing them or where to put my small items such as my ID or my necklace. 

I love the material it’s made out of. It’s super soft. I love going to the beach and the one thing I hate the most is getting sand everywhere. By everywhere I mean my car, my house, and anywhere else my sandy beach towel or beach bag ends up at. I will sweep and always find sand. The material that these towels are made of don’t carry the sand back home with you which is perfect, especially if you have kids. 

The very last thing I’m going to say that I love about my pocket towel is that it’s perfect for any trip. It’s lightweight and super cute. I take it with me to the park when I take my daughters to play or even to the splash pad. I will lay it down under a tree and just relax and watch them play and get dirty. I also take it to the beach to sun tan or just enjoy the day. They are also perfect for hikes or even camping. For just about anywhere you can lay it out at and just chill. I’ve even seen some girls use it to do their yoga out at the park or the beach. This cute little towel has many uses. And when summer ends it makes a gorgeous tapestry on your wall to hang and admire bringing good vibes into your room. 

Sand Cloud also carries various different towels. There’s the Pillow Towel which is perfect to take a nap in just about anywhere. They also carry the gorgeous Boho Collection Towels in which they have recently added the beautiful Orchid Towel. They also have the Mandala, Iris, and Lotus towels in this collection. They also have the awesome Bag Towel. Yes it’s a bag and a towel. How awesome is that!!! But my all time favorite and new to purchase will be the new Wanderlust Tie Dye towel. It’s absolutely gorgeous. 

Don’t forget to check out their site, their blog, and all of their products. If you purchase anything make sure to use coupon code TEJERA25 to get a 25% off and best of all, free shipping to the US. 


Relaxing on my towel at the park wire wrapping some sea glass pendants while my daughters played.

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