About Us

Lanikai Pillbox Hike in Oahu, Hawaii

Hello everyone,

I am Jessica and I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I have lived in Alabama, Tennessee, the island of Oahu in Hawaii, and Florida. I am a girl with a huge passion for the ocean and nature (hence the name for my blog). I am a mermaid at heart with a huge desire to be at the beach all the time but also love everything else about our world. I love to hike and view the scenic points that God has put out there for us to find. I love to search for waterfalls, beautiful springs, rivers, creeks, and lakes as well as explore caves, beaches, and other outdoorsy adventures. I love to make new friends that have the same passion as me to explore and find new adventures.

​I am married to Roberto (Rob) and mom to two beautiful little girls, Anabella (Bella) and Isabelle (Isa). I love to take my girls out on new adventures and teach them how to appreciate the world we live in and care for it. I think there’s nothing better that us as parents can do then to teach our children how to better our world and be the light of our future.

​Growing up I always went out with my dad to camping trips, rock climbing, hikes, you name it and he is the reason why I have such a huge passion for being outdoors and in the ocean. With my dad being an adventurer at heart and my mom being so passionate about the trees, flowers, and every plant that grows and brings life into our world, I have managed to have a huge desire to explore more of our world and also care for it.

​Back in 2015 I decided to start my blog while we lived in Hawaii. We were always out exploring the island, going on hikes, trying new foods, and going on a new adventure every week so I thought it was the best time to start a blog and show the world how you as a parent can show your children to live a life outdoors and love it. I love taking pictures of everything I see (especially my little ones) and capturing every moment so now I can share these memorable moments with you. There’s so much in to see in the world we live in. I hope that through my blog I can help others get out and explore with their families and enjoy the world we live in.

Jessica Tejera



Story Behind My Blog & Goals

Wildflowers in Tennessee

As you read above, I love both land and sea. Being a mermaid at heart but still with the urge to see the waterfalls and mountain tops then what better name then The Walking Mermaid. My little girls are mermaids at heart but still have a jaw dropping moment every time they see a waterfall. I figured it would suit our family perfectly. So I hope you stick around and follow us on our adventures from the beautiful beaches to the top of the mountains and back down to the bottom of the waterfalls or even down below into the caves. May every adventure inspire you and your family to get out and explore this beautiful world we live in.

​My goals with my blog is to inspire families out there to unplug their children’s childhood some and get out and explore. Show them what our planet Earth has to offer. Teach them to care, love, and cherish our oceans, forests, rivers, lakes, and animals. I am not perfect in any way and motherhood can be a little challenging at times but with determination, love, passion, and encouragement I hope to bring you some amazing places here around the US and eventually around the world.